How to Hot Green Tea

Measure THE sencha tea

Using a tea scoop, place one flat scoop ( about 5 grams ) of tea into the tea pot. If you do not have a tea scoop, please use one teaspoon-full which would equate to about 5.70 grams.

key Temperature

For a perfect brew of Sencha Tea, freshly boiled water and cooled to 158~176 ˚F (70 ~80 ˚C). Add 15.22 oz (450 ml) of water into the tea pot.


Letting the tea brew for about 1 minute - 1 minute and 30 seconds until a nice bright green / yellow color shows.

Be careful not to brew it for too long as it would cause the tea to be more bitter.


Once you develop a bright green / yellow color, gently pour all tea until the last drop into the each cup / cups and enjoy.

Whether consuming hot or cold, we hope that enjoyed the process. Have fun with it and experiment!


. Pour evenly into each cup to give an even flavor to your tea guests