How to Matcha

key Temperature

For a traditional bowl of Matcha, freshly boiled water and cooled to 170~180 ˚F (~80 ˚C) is key for a good Matcha tea. Add 2-3 oz (60 ml) of water into the tea bowl.

* If making cold matcha, add cold water instead of hot water


Use the bamboo whisk (chasen) to whisk the Matcha powder and water. Be sure to whisk in an M shape than in a O shape. This will create fine foam for more umami.


Whisking the Matcha for about 15-30 seconds until a nice froth / foam develops on the surface of the Matcha. Be careful not to press the prongs into the bottom of the bowl. Keep the motion light yet vigorous.


Once you develop a nice froth/foam, gently tap the excess tea from the whisk and enjoy.

Whether consuming hot or cold, we hope that enjoyed the process. Have fun with it and experiment!


Remember to always clean the prongs on your whisk by immediately rinsing with water. Stand the whisk upright and allow it to air dry. No need for soap or hot water.