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2023 First Harvest - Loose Leaf Tea

2023 First Harvest - Loose Leaf Tea

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Rarely is it advised to use absolutes when it comes to tea (few teas are always best served a specific way, even some fresh spring teas can mellow out and offer different flavors or vibes after settling for a bit) but when it comes to Japanese green tea specifically, it’s usually ideal to drink new harvest spring teas—shincha新茶,or new tea in Japanese—as quickly as you can get it into your cup. Why? Because the freshness and vibrancy of the taste can truly astonish even seasoned tea drinkers.


Whether you drink it hot or over ice or cold brewed, we’ve found our 2023 Yame Shincha (First Harvest Loose-Leaf Sencha Green Tea) to be a great starting point for anyone interested in trying shincha for the first time or someone looking for a daily drinking shincha to enjoy quickly.


Contains 100g of loose leaf tea.

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