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Tea Master of Little Tokyo

2023 Premium First Harvest - Loose Leaf Tea

2023 Premium First Harvest - Loose Leaf Tea

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From the sharp fragrance of the new crop leaves to the bright yellow-green liquor and sharpness of the first steep, all the way through to the thicker, more mellow evenness of the second steep, this is a tea that takes you on the range of flavors of a quintessential Yamecha (tea from Yame region). It is a way to enjoy the first-crop shincha—新茶,or first harvest sencha (loose leaf) green tea in Japanese—but it’s also a way to honor and celebrate the story of Yamecha for the last six centuries.

We’ve had a lot of Yamecha over the years and shared its special qualities to our guests that visit Tea Master Matcha Café and Green Tea Shop in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a real treat to be able to offer this year’s new tea, in this commemorative package, to our guests. If you’re looking for a tea that represents the past and present of green tea in one of Japan’s most prized growing regions, then our 2023 Premium Yame Shincha is a prefect tea for you.

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