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Tea Master of Little Tokyo

Culinary Matcha Powder

Culinary Matcha Powder

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We love offering Culinary Grade Matcha Powder as an entry point to all of those who want to start their journey into Matcha because of how well it combines with milk and milk-alternatives (we like oat milk the best and use it in our café) in a latte or as a key ingredient in a smoothie. Our smoothies are made daily and we use a variety of ingredients along with Matcha including Amazake (a fermented, sweet rice drink) and seasonal fruits.

Quite often, stores and cafés will sell green tea powder in place of genuine, 100% Japanese-grown and produced Matcha. We believe that green tea powder can be suitable for baking cookies or cakes, but when it comes to drinking, we prefer to use real Matcha and advise our guests to do the same.

We wanted to offer the same Matcha powder we use in our lattes and smoothies to all of those Matcha lovers and Matcha curious who can’t make the trip—or who just want to replicate the experience of our tea space in their own homes.



Richness: 3/5

Bite: 4/5

Aroma: 2/5

Vibrancy: 2/5

ORIGIN: Yame 八女, Fukuoka Prefecture 福岡県, Japan日本

SIZE: 100 Grams (makes 20-30 lattes/smoothies)

PACKAGING: Re-sealable plastic pouch

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