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Genmaicha - Roasted Brown Rice Green Tea Bags

Genmaicha - Roasted Brown Rice Green Tea Bags

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Often, when a guest has some familiarity with sushi, there is one tea they gravitate toward on the shelf: genmaicha. Commonly served as the go-to hot tea option at many Japanese food locations, but especially sushi restaurants, genmaicha has an immediately recognizable taste, aroma, and appearance. It’s a hearty, homely, and cloudy green tea with roasted kernels of brown rice that manages to both satiate and stimulate the appetite.

Some producers like Hoshinoen—the producer whose tea we’re proud to offer—add matcha to the sencha green tea leaves and roasted brown rice to add yet another layer of flavor, texture, and body to the genmaicha. Since Hoshinoen is well-known for both quality green tea and matcha in Japan, our Genmaicha Roasted Brown Rice Tea with Matcha Premium Tea Bags boasts a standard few genmaicha blends can match in terms of balance. Wherever our guests tried genmaicha for the first time, they return again and again to this tea for its versatility, distinctiveness, and soothing, full-bodied taste.



A tea before or after any meal, our Genmaicha Roasted Brown Rice Tea with Matcha Premium Tea Bags come in a large sized bags (five grams) which can be used in for pots/pitchers to be served to multiple people or in cups/mugs for individual enjoyment. Like hoijicha, Depending on how the tea is prepared, the caffeine kick from genmaicha can be much more mellow, making it a good choice for any occasion, even with tea lovers who are sensitive to caffeine.

Whether brewed with hot water, poured over ice, put in the fridge, or simply added to any temperature water to bring on the go, our genmaicha bags allow for some of the most varied brewing styles while still resulting in a soul-rejuvenating tea.

Some of our guests use one bag for hot brewing (in a mug or small tea put) and two bags for cold brewing in a larger pitcher overnight but we’ve found that one bag, even in a larger pitcher can do the trick. Sometimes the sediment from this tea can gather at the bottom of a pitcher when cold brewing, so shaking or stirring can help even the taste out. No need to be delicate or careful with this tea, it’s extremely tough and forgiving when it comes to brewing parameters. It’s almost impossible to over-steep or brew into a bitter or astringent tea.

 Note that there is no string attached to the end of the larger bags—that is because you never need to take it out of the water until you’re ready to throw it away. It will not over-steep. Please visit our FAQ to read more about the difference between bagged and loose-leaf tea.


·  We believe every tea is an invitation to enjoy, explore, and educate. We invite you to be a Tea Master, no matter where you are on your tea journey, and discover a way to prepare this tea that works for you and your tea guests.



A meal

Dust leaves grain

Fully at ease



Richness: 3/5

Bite: 0/5

Aroma: 4/5

Vibrancy: 2/5

Umami: 3/5



Yame 八女

Fukuoka Prefecture 福岡県

Kyushu Region 九州





25 bags x 5 grams per bag (125 grams total)



Mesh tea bags inside re-sealable plastic pouch

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