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Hakkou-Cha - Aged Green Tea Powder

Hakkou-Cha - Aged Green Tea Powder

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Starting with the raw material of organic green tea leaves, Hakko Cha Organic Fermented Japanese Tea Powder is made using a sensitive microbial fermentation control process that came from years of research into the life of Japanese sake yeasts. Hakko Cha, which to be clear contains no alcohol, is essentially made in a similar way to other fermented Japanese food products from miso to soy sauce. The tea powder is grown and produced in Shizuoka (静岡県) prefecture and is 100% Organic. The taste is hearty, herbal, and full-bodied.



Please enjoy our guide “How To Make Matcha” which features simple instructions and a straightforward description for how to best prepare Hakko Cha traditionally.


Hakko Cha can be prepared like traditional matcha—whisked with just water—but unlike most of our other teas, it really shines when combined with a milk alternative (our guests prefer oat milk) to make hot and cold lattes.

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