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Haruhonoka - Tencha Blend - Loose Leaf Tea

Haruhonoka - Tencha Blend - Loose Leaf Tea

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Our loose-leaf blend Haruhonoka (春ほのかor a hint of spring)combines tencha leaves with deep-steamed sencha leaves to create a truly unique tea that pays homage to both of Japan’s great green tea traditions in one brew. As its name suggests, this tea has a mild but elegant flavor not unlike the gentle first signs of spring. Combining the lighter, more muted green brew of tencha leaves with the darker greens of deep-steamed sencha Haruhonoka allows you to taste the spectrum of Japanese green tea in every sip and see it in every cupful. The loose leaves appear like a choppy combination before brewing and a unified pattern of camouflage after. Harukonoka is a tea that sparks curiosity and blurs the lines between the types of green tea. It’s a tea our guests that are newer to green tea enjoy for its subtleness and calming effects but also a tea that offers an adventure for our more seasoned and more exploratory guests.




Please enjoy our guide “How To Make Loose-Leaf Green Tea" which features simple instructions and a straightforward description for how to best prepare our Haruhonoka traditionally.


Like its unique blend of characteristics, Haruhonoka is sencha we recommend experimenting with. We’ve found that the producers recommendation (on the back of the bag) of a 30 second brew at 80 degrees in 180 ml of water is a good starting place, but we’ve also seen how longer infusions and adjustments to the amount of leaf/water results in interesting brews as well. We believe the layers of this tea offer plenty for three infusions per serving. For cold options, we’ve found that cold-brewing or pouring over ice are both great options, but if you choose the latter, just brew for about double the time on each infusion. As with all our sencha teas, we do not recommend adding anything (sweetener or milk) to it.


·       We believe every tea is an invitation to enjoy, explore, and educate. We invite you to be a Tea Master, no matter where you are on your tea journey, and discover a way to prepare this tea that works for you and your tea guests.




Split paths

Along the coast

Trail on




Richness: 4/5

Bite: 1/5

Aroma: 3/5

Vibrancy: 3/5

Umami: 4/5




Yame 八女

Fukuoka Prefecture 福岡県

Kyushu Region 九州


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