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Maro - Aged Organic Premium Loose Leaf Tea

Maro - Aged Organic Premium Loose Leaf Tea

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Premium tea is aged one year in a controlled environment. As a result, rich characters of this full-body tea are enhanced.

While teas are often aged to achieve a certain taste, green teas are rarely aged on purpose. This is what makes Maro—our organic loose-leaf aged green tea–so unique. It’s a Japanese sencha (煎茶) green tea that’s been aged by design. Grown and aged for one-year in Mie prefecture at a certified organic farm, Maro is among the most mellow teas that we offer to guests who visit our shop in Downtown Los Angeles.

Maro brews a non-hazy greenish yellow liquor and the taste lacks the dullness that accompanies many well balanced teas. Instead it is an incredibly easy tea to brew that can withstand higher temperatures and longer infusions but still drinks smooth without being stagnant. It’s a great tea to have for those looking for something different but also something reliably delicious and high quality.



Please enjoy our guide “How to Hot Green Tea” which features simple instructions and a straightforward description for how to best prepare our Maro Organic Loose-Leaf Aged Green Tea traditionally.

Our guests have found that our Maro can drink well through three infusions, perhaps another upside to the aging process. It’s also tough enough to withstand longer brewing times and higher temperatures, so it’s one to play around with—even when enjoyed cold with ice or left overnight in the fridge. We do not recommend adding anything (sweetener or milk) to this tea.

We believe every tea is an invitation to enjoy, explore, and educate. We invite you to be a Tea Master, no matter where you are on your tea journey, and discover a way to prepare this tea that works for you and your tea guests.



Richness: 4/5

Bite: 1/5

Aroma: 2/5

Vibrancy: 3/5

Umami: 4/5


ORIGIN: Odai大台町, Mie Prefecture 三重県, Japan日本

SIZE: 100 grams (makes 10-20 teapots)

PACKAGING: Re-sealable plastic pouch

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