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Premium Hot Sencha Tea Bags

Premium Hot Sencha Tea Bags

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Like all of our teas produced by our trusted partners in Yame, Japan, Superfine Premium Sencha Green Tea bags are made with quality and expertise. The bag itself is designed in a triangular shape, which allows ample breathing space for the whole leaf pieces to expand and brew freely. This bag contains a collection of several cultivars of tiny, delicate “superfine” leaves that have been trimmed and blended together to create an even taste that our guests find they literally cannot be brewed wrong. They are convenient—you can throw a bag in a mug, a tall glass, or even a tumbler. The bags can withstand the higher temperatures of full-boiled water if someone isn’t able to brew the water to the ideal 80-degree centigrade temperature most sencha teas brewed at and they work as a cold brew. You could leave the bag in the water all day and there will never be the harsh, astringent, undrinkable taste of so many teas but even if you only brew it for 30 seconds, it will still offer a delicious full-bodied, umami taste. It’s a tea you simply cannot over or under brew, making it one of the most popular teas at our store and one that any guest looking to start their journey into quality tea or Japanese green tea specifically.



Whether brewed with hot water, poured over ice, put in the fridge, or simply added to any temperature water to bring on the go, our Premium Sencha Green Tea “Superfine” bags allow for some of the most varied brewing styles while still resulting in an incredibly even tea. One bag is good for up to 1 pint / 500 ml.

Some of our guests use one bag for hot brewing (in a mug or small tea put) and two bags for cold brewing in a larger pitcher overnight but we’ve found that one bag, even in a larger pitcher can do the trick. Sometimes the sediment from this tea can gather at the bottom of a pitcher when cold brewing, so shaking or stirring can help even the taste out. No need to be delicate or careful with this tea, it’s extremely tough and forgiving when it comes to brewing parameters. It’s almost impossible to over-steep or brew into a bitter or astringent tea.

We believe every tea is an invitation to enjoy, explore, and educate. We invite you to be a Tea Master, no matter where you are on your tea journey, and discover a way to prepare this tea that works for you and your tea guests.


Richness: 3/5

Bite: 1/5

Aroma: 3/5

Vibrancy: 3/5

Umami: 3/5

ORIGIN : Yame 八女, Fukuoka Prefecture 福岡県, Japan日本

SIZE: 18 bags x 5 grams per bag (90 grams total)

PACKAGING: Mesh tea bags inside re-sealable plastic pouch

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